2022 India Nuclear Industry Report

2022 India Nuclear Industry Report2022-05-19T15:53:27+08:00

India Nuclear Industry Report 2022

To scale up, transformation has to be pursued through a fundamental change in approach and mindset that we call “Nuclear Industry 2.0” in the context of India. It would be accompanied by major overhauling in functional deliveries, basic structural changes across multiple level of decision making, enormous amount of policy revamp, and fast build-up of support infrastructure to allow large scale deployment of nuclear projects in the country. India too has indigenous PHWR reactor technology which at the present time is most cost-effective nuclear technology in the world.

This report provides a perspective of Indian nuclear establishment and industry experts to assess the issues and challenges and appetite of the sector to scale up. Key officials from AEC, DAE, NPCIL and CEA along with corporate leaders and senior executives from India Inc shared ideas for further growth in the industry.

Key highlights from the report include:

  • India’s energy objectives of net zero by 2070 and 500 GW of clean energy by 2030
  • Improving cost effectiveness through a synergy of local supply chain and foreign technologies
  • Emerging opportunities and further developments in Indian nuclear sector
  • Indian nuclear industry 2.0
  • Roadmap to scaleup
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