Event Agenda:

We are pleased to present the agenda of Asia Nuclear Business Platform which has been carefully crafted and developed by an international Advisory Board. The 11 sessions during the conference will focus on best practices and lessons learnt from Today’s new build experiences while providing insights to Tomorrow’s nuclear landscape.

 18 Feb 2013 19 Feb 2013                               20 Feb 2013
Simulation Workshop
Daya Bay Power Plant visit
Nuclear Resources Centre visit
Session 1: Keynote
What future plans do Asia’s emerging nuclear industries have?
Session 2: Today’s Financing & Risk Mitigation Landscape
What are the current trends in financing and  liability mitigation?
Session 3: Tomorrow’s Technology
Which technology is the industry leaning towards?
Session 4: Tomorrow’s Financing
How will nuclear power projects be financed moving forward?
Breakout Session 5: Mini-Workshops
Session 6: Tomorrow’s HR & PR
How best to develop talent to meet the NPP’s future needs?
What best practices for public communications?
Session 7: Tomorrow’s Licensing
& International Cooperation
What forms of cooperation can be fostered by stakeholders?
Session 8: Tomorrow’s Local Industries
What are the best methods to cultivate local industries
qualified to enter the global nuclear supply chain?
Session 9: Today’s New Build
What key lessons and project management strategies
can we learn for future new build?
Breakout Session 10: Mini-Workshops
Session 11: Closing Plenary

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