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To meet the needs of a growing population in a manner that is socially equitable, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable, Africa’s energy sector will require a major transformation which will include the introduction of nuclear in their energy mix.

Spread over 4 sessions, AFNBP Lite 2021 will focus on 4 key themes which are of current importance in the sub-Saharan nuclear market. The themes and topics of these sessions have been developed in close consultation with key stakeholders of the industry to ensure that what will be discussed and presented are of great relevance. International suppliers will find these sessions useful in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the sub-Saharan nuclear market and also provide guidance on how best to access this emerging market. Download Meeting Agenda

SESSION 1 ( 19 April 2022 | 12PM GMT)

SMRs: A Potential Gamechanger in Africa

Topics which will be discussed include:

  • Key findings from Africa SMR Report 2022
  • Advantages and challenges of SMR adoption from the perspective of future customers
  • Would African countries be open to adopting a common SMR licensing and regulation framework?
  • Is there a market still for large reactors in emerging markets like Africa?

SESSION 2 ( 20 April 2022 | 12PM GMT)

Infrastructure Development

Topics which will be discussed include:

  • Good practices in national position, stakeholder involvement and industrial involvement
  • Recommendation and lesson learned from IAEA 2021 INIR Mission to Kenya
  • How are African countries ensuring they have people that are capable of understanding, developing and leading their nuclear program?
  • Expectations do African countries have of international suppliers in terms of training

SESSION 3 ( 21 April 2022 | 12PM GMT)

Public Communications

Topics which will be discussed include:

  • Ghana’s engagement with the local media as a strategic partner to facilitate its nuclear activities
  • The media as a strategic stakeholder in ensuring radiological protection and nuclear safety
  • International best practices in nuclear communications to general public
  • Engagement with the local media crucial to country’s nuclear power programme success

SESSION 4 ( 22 April 2022 | 12PM GMT)

Keynote: Economic Transformation of Africa Through Nuclear

Topics which will be discussed include:

  • Meeting Africa’s development via reliable supply of affordable electricity, generated cleanly and available to all
  • Strategic insights and key motivations on Rwanda’s quest for nuclear power
  • Ghana’s structured approach towards having nuclear energy, a possible model for the rest Africa
  • Nuclear Power as a tool to industrialize Africa while achieving UN Sustainable Development