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Of the nearly 30 so-called newcomer countries that are embarking [on] or considering nuclear power, almost one-third are in Africa. Why are countries in Africa looking at nuclear? Very simple. The reasons vary, but they all come back to one word: reliability. Nuclear power is a present solution. It is also a future energy alternative. It may not be for everyone. But for many countries in Africa, it is an option worth looking at.”
 Rafael Grossi, Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) during Africa Nuclear Business Platform Lite 2021.

The Africa Nuclear Industry Report 2021 summarizes key discussions and takeaways from the Africa Nuclear Business Platform Lite 2021 virtual meeting which focused on Regulations, Human Capacity Building and the adoption of SMRs on the African continent. The Africa SMR Report 2021 had also been officially launched during .Africa NBP Lite 2021.

“Nuclear has the potential to provide the required base-load energy to meet Africa’s demand… this is in line with the Africa Union agenda and global agreements as well in particular the Paris agreement that call for the transition to low carbon economies.”
Prof. Sarah Anyang Agbor, Commissioner, Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, African Union Commission during Africa Nuclear Business Platform Lite 2021.