Arab Industry Report 2021

Arab Industry Report 20212021-08-24T14:12:44+08:00

The Arab world constitutes close to 22 countries, all with differing plans and progress on establishing nuclear energy. During the four-day Arab Nuclear Business Platform Lite 2021, the spotlight was placed on Morocco, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, Jordon, Iraq, Sudan and Saudi Arabia. Senior officials from these countries shared their country’s developments and the challenges they face in accelerating their nuclear power programs. Additionally, members from the IAEA, Hunton Andrews Kurth and L3Harris gave their valuable insights on areas such as human capacity building, regulations and financing which still remain prominent challenges.

The report summarizes the key discussions, takeaways and recommendations from Arab Nuclear Business Platform Lite sessions held in August 2021, focusing on key areas which present
opportunities, challenges and suggestions to accelerate the nuclear landscape in the Arab region. A few of the key highlights include:

  • Stages of nuclear developments in the different countries in the region and their unique
  • Understanding the efforts by the Arab countries in building human capacity with some
    leveraging on technology
  • Recognising the feasibility and benefits of using SMR technology for the Arab World
  • Learning the regulatory and legal framework currently in place in the individual countries
    with suggestions of forming a single regulatory body for the entire region
  • Severity of threat of proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region

We hope that this report provides readers with the vital insights which may help you to develop
key sustainable strategies for your business in the Arab nuclear market.

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