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Site visit to Kartini Research Reactor

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Haiyang nuclear power plant in Shandong, China. Courtesy: State Power Investment Corp. Ltd.

National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia

As part of Asia Nuclear Business Platform 2020, 30 participants will have the unique opportunity to visit the Kartini research reactor which is one 3 research reactors in Indonesia on 8 June.

The Kartini Reactor is located in the Province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, which is one of the facilities possessed by the Center for Accelerator Science and Technology – The National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN). 

Development of this facility started in the year 1974 and the first time in operation in the year 1979. The Kartini Reactor is a research reactor of the TRIGA type (Training, Research, Isotope production/Irradiation General Atomic) with the design as a pool type reactor of 250 kW with an operation power of 100 kW. The Kartini Reactor is utilized for Research, Irradiation, Education and Training purposes.

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