Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Philippines nuclear new build opportunities – Latest updates

//Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Philippines nuclear new build opportunities – Latest updates

Officials from Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Philippines will be attending and presenting the latest updates and next steps of their nuclear new build programme at the 7th annual Asia Nuclear Business Platform (ANBP) which will take place 17-20 June 2019 at The St. Regis Beijing, China.

Saudi plans to invite bids for nuclear power project in 2020

Mr. Mishari I. Al Dosari, Director of Saudi National Atomic Energy Project Office from King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy will be attending ANBP 2019 for the second year in a row.

He will provide an update on the status and progress on Saudi Arabia nuclear power project and also provide insights on how the Saudis are planning to form the right team to drive their nuclear power programme forward.

Saudi Arabia plans to issue a multi-billion-dollar tender in 2020 to construct its first two nuclear power reactors. The world’s top oil exporter wants to diversify its energy mix, adding nuclear power so it can free up more crude for export.

Philippines forms NEPIO, restarts plans for nuclear energy

Mr. Gerardo D. Erguiza, Jr, Assistant Secretary from the Department of Energy (DOE), Philippines will lead the delegation from Philippines at ANBP 2019 and provide insights into the country’s plans for nuclear energy.

The DOE is openly considering the feasibility of introducing nuclear power into the energy mix of the country in the race to provide uninterrupted, secure, reliable, sustainable, and affordable electricity throughout the archipelago.

A Nuclear Energy Programme Implementing Organization (NEPIO) was established in 2016 to come up with the nuclear energy policy and the DOE’s submission to the Office of the President of its proposed national position on nuclear energy in April 2018.

To-date Philippines remains the only country in Southeast Asia with a completed nuclear power plant. The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, which was completed in the ’80s but never became operational.

Potential site for Indonesia’s first nuclear power plant identified 

The delegation from Indonesia at ANBP 2019 will be led by Dr. Djarot Wisnubroto, Chairman, National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia, Dr. H Kurtubi, Chairman, Nuclear Energy Caucus, Government of Indonesia and Dr. Arnold Soetrisnanto, Chairman of Energy Commission, Indonesia National Research Council.

During ANBP 2018, the Indonesian government leveraged on the meeting to meet with international vendors and obtain response to their Nuclear Power Plant Questionnaires which was part of their study to develop a nuclear power plant in Indonesia

The West Kalimantan province is currently identified as the potential site for Indonesia’s first nuclear power plant with the Governor of West Kalimantan supporting this nuclear development and had submitted the letter of support to the President and relevant stakeholders.

At the moment, both SMR of 100-300 MWe and a traditional big nuclear power plant is being considered for the programme. More detailed update on the Indonesian nuclear power programme will be shared during ANBP 2019.

ANBP 2019

Don’t this opportunity to obtain first-hand updates on the nuclear power programmes in Saudi Arabia, Philippines and Indonesia!

More importantly, this is a unique opportunity to establish strategic relationships with the key nuclear stakeholders from these countries.

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