Site visit



As part of ANBP 2018, there will be an exclusive site visit for 30 participants to Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant. Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant is located in Haiyan, a small coastal town in Zhejiang Province. With 3 phases totaling 7 operational reactors, Qinshan today is China’s biggest nuclear power base. Qinshan Phase I was constructed in 1994 which is China’s first nuclear reactor connected to grid. Qinshan Phase II has 4 units, they are all using CNP600 which is the GEN II PWR designed by China. Qinshan Phase III was a cooperation between China and Canada. There are 2 CANDU 6 heavy water reactors with each installed capability of 700 MWe.

Highlights of the visit:

  • Qinshan Nuclear Power Base
  • Qinshan Nuclear Power Science and Technology Museum: largest science museum for nuclear energy in the world
  • Simulation Operating Center of Qinshan
  • Workshop with Government of Haiyan
  • Incentives for foreign companies to set-up office in Haiyan

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