Eastern Europe SMR Report

Eastern Europe SMR Report2021-10-13T13:31:41+08:00

Opportunities for SMR Deployment in the Eastern European Market

This report aims to facilitate SMR technology vendors in their outreach to potential recipient countries in the Eastern European region. This is done so by providing a detailed analysis of each country’s environment and resources using the Analytic Hierarchy Process, which showcases the strengths and weaknesses of each country. This study will be of interest to SMR vendors for their outreach to potential SMR markets in Eastern Europe. It will also interest the energy ministries in Eastern European countries to gain a better understanding of the progress of their neighbors in the SMR market. 

A wide-ranging and all-encompassing set of 12 evaluative criteria were selected for the computation of the index. These factors span a spectrum of stakeholders and perspectives, from political to social to economic to legal aspects.

 The findings were rather surprising. Bulgaria, with almost half of its electricity generated by nuclear power, is found to be less suitable to accommodate SMRs compared to Poland, despite nuclear energy not being part of its current energy mix. It was also discovered that SMR vendors have yet to tap into the potential of several countries ranked high on the list. In addition, further insights on Ukraine’s outlook towards SMRs are gathered through primary research with NNEGC “Energoatom”, the Ukrainian state enterprise that is subordinate to Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine.

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