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For close to a decade we have been hosting both online meetings and physical conferences globally. Our physical conferences include Asia Nuclear Business Platform, India Nuclear Business Platform and Africa Nuclear Business Platform while our online meetings include NBP Conversations and NBP Focus.

  • Attend networking activities
  • Showcase solutions, services and capabilities during exhibitions
  • Participate in panel discussions on topics across the nuclear supply chain
  • Speak about successful project implementations
  • Chair a thematic focused discussion at our online sessions and/or physical conferences


NBP Conversations is a series of discussions held online which brings together a focus group of global nuclear stakeholders to discuss topics related to nuclear energy adoption in the emerging markets. The discussions will focus on a specific country or technology/services solution .

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Nuclear Business

Now coming to its 8th year, ANBP provides latest global updates with an Asian focus and addresses hot-button issues while the diversity and seniority of participants facilitates unparalleled networking opportunities.

Date: TBA

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Nuclear Business

With the African region poised for nuclear new build, AFNBP will focus on matters which are crucial to start a successful new build program. Having a regional focus, the conference will provide a fantastic opportunity to forge strategic business relationship with senior energy leaders across the African continent.

Date: 21-23 October, 2020

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Nuclear Business

Now coming to its 3rd year, INBP brings together all the key Indian nuclear companies to discuss issues across the Indian nuclear supply chain.

Date: 7-8 October 2020

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We work with global companies who wish to access the Asian and African nuclear markets. Our team (based in Singapore, France and Shanghai) has over a decade of experience working in the nuclear industry. We are constantly on-top of industry developments and spend time engaging with executives from the nuclear industry through-out the year. More than just a conference organizer, we are industry experts and provide strategic advice, consultancy to make headway in the nuclear markets.

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