Nuclear Power Landscape: Renaissance Expectations and Opportunities in India

Get involved for India Nuclear Business Platform 

An event crafted by the industry for the industry

India Nuclear Business Platform (INBP) is part of Industry Platform’s series of nuclear industry meetings. Asia Nuclear Business Platform (ANBP) is now in its sixth year and has attracted over 1000 global nuclear stakeholders.

The main objective of INBP  is to improve the nuclear power business capability in India by organizing conferences, workshops, lecture series in the area of nuclear power business so that the nuclear industry can benefit to support the elaborate Indian Nuclear Power Programme. Participants to INBP will be able to obtain first-hand updates on nuclear developments in the region.

INBP is developed by the industry for the industry and is helmed by an international Advisory Board comprising of over 20 senior nuclear experts. The Board is responsible in developing the agenda and objectives of the meeting.

What makes this industry gathering truly remarkable is the diversity of the participants with key people from across
the global nuclear supply chain which will provide an excellent opportunity for networking. The likes of reactor
vendors, financial institutions, and international energy agencies will be present and they will be complimented
by senior decision-makers from India.

The theme for this year’s INBP is “Nuclear Power Landscape: Renaissance Expectations and Opportunities in India.”

Sub-themes include:

  • Asian Nuclear Industry: Contemporary Issues and Challenges
  • Economics of Nuclear Power and Financing of New Build
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain: ‘Make in India’ Policy
  • Nuclear Liability and Insurance: Ease of Business
  • Regulatory Issues in Nuclear Plants: Status Quo or Transition
  • Radioactive Waste Management: Challenges and Approaches
  • Decommissioning and Spent Fuel Disposal
  • Public Perception and Opinion on Nuclear Energy

This is a dynamic event which should not be missed if you want to get a full update on the nuclear industry in India and establish strategic business relationships.

We look forward to welcoming the nuclear industry to Mumbai this October 2018!





Zaf Coelho
Project Director
India Nuclear Business Platform