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Spread over 4 sessions, INBP Lite 2021 will focus on 4 key themes which are of current importance in the Indian nuclear market. The themes and topics of these sessions have been developed in close consultation with key stakeholders of the industry to ensure that what will be discussed and presented are of great relevance. International suppliers will find these sessions useful in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the Indian nuclear market and also provide guidance on how best to access this burgeoning market.

SESSION 1 ( 5 April 2021 | 4PM IST)

Keynote: India’s Nuclear Power Programme Update

Topics which will be discussed include:

  • Current status and future plans of nuclear new build programme in India
  • Timeline of fleet mode reactors and LWR projects in India
  • Challenges in time and cost optimization for implementation of LWR projects
  • Measure to be taken to ensure continuity of work in India’s nuclear programme

SESSION 2 ( 6 April 2021 | 4PM IST)

Industry Update & Localization

Topics which will be discussed include:

  • Current status and plans of Russian new build reactors in India
  • Possibilities of localizing equipment manufacturing during the construction of Kudankulam 5 & 6 NPP
  • Steps taken to engage with nuclear supply chain ahead of Jaitapur NPP project to secure readiness
  • Business opportunities for suppliers: How the industry can contribute to the localization of LWR projects in India

SESSION 3 ( 7 April 2021 | 4PM IST)

Nuclear Liability & Insurance

Topics which will be discussed include:

  • India nuclear insurance pool – Steps taken to provide comfort to suppliers
  • What is the scope of coverage of supplier’s liability
  • Clarification on supplier’s liability in the CLNDA Act
  • How can risks be mitigated for suppliers expanding their business in the Indian market
  • Third party claims clause in the supply contract

SESSION 4 ( 8 April 2021 | 4PM IST)

Finance & Regulation

Topics which will be discussed include:

  • Financing strategies to enhance decision making of nuclear new build
  • Benefits of long-term soft loans to the Indian new build programme
  • Regulatory requirements and expectations for safety review of LWRs
  • Security measures and strategies to protect nuclear facilities in India from cyber attacks


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