This Week in India Nuclear Energy Market March 27

//This Week in India Nuclear Energy Market March 27

Cyber-Nuclear Security Challenges: An Issue That Won’t Go Away – Analysis

While enough cyber experts are engaged within and outside the nuclear establishment to secure them from cyber threats, it needs saying that the cyberspace allows new opportunities to resolute enemies to create problems at functioning nuclear plants by causing sabotage to effectuate different degrees of malfunctioning. These threats will only increase as greater digitalisation of power plants’ control systems takes place, which is inevitable given the pervasive utilisation of such technologies.

India must remain engaged with the international community on this issue and be part of national or IAEA-driven technical or training programmes. Regular cyber security courses for all plant personnel, depending on their involvement in digital networks, will be critical to imbue the establishment with a cyber security culture.

Kudankulam NPP unit 2 reconnected to power grid

The second unit of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP) in India’s Tamil Nadu state has been reconnected back to the grid, Russian state-run atomic power corporation Rosatom, the equipment suppliers and technical consultants of the KNPP said in a statement. The scheduled preventative maintenance that was started on December 15, 2019, involved works on the generator, including metal stress control, components servicing, repairs and testing of main and auxiliary equipment of the power unit.

Maharashtra: Panel to find ways to lower power tariff for industries

The Maharashtra government has constituted a committee to study ways to bring down electricity tariff for industries, member of Legislative Council Ambadas Danve said. The committee will submit its report in a couple of months and it will turn out to be positive, he said, addressing the media on Wednesday. “I had raised the issue of high electricity tariffs in the Legislative Council. The electricity tariff in Maharashtra is higher than the neighbouring states,” the Shiv Sena MLC said.

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