India nuclear power enters fleet mode

//India nuclear power enters fleet mode

India currently has 22 reactors in operation with a total capacity of 6780 MW. 8 reactors are under construction with a combined capacity of 6200 MW. On progressive completion of those under construction, NPCIL’s capacity will reach 12980 MW by 2025.

In addition, the Government has accorded administrative approval and financial sanction for 12 new reactors with a total capacity of 9000 MW. The present nuclear power capacity is expected to increase to 22480 MW by 2031 on progressive completion of these projects. More nuclear power projects are also planned in future.

During last year’s India Nuclear Business Platform (INBP), Mr. S K Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director of Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) announced that India will construct 10 units of 700 MW PHWRs in fleet mode, thereby facilitating procurement activities, manufacturing and implementation of these units.

Sites For Fleet Mode Reactors

  • Kaiga, Karnataka, (Kaiga 5&6)
  • Gorakhpur, Haryana (GHAVP-3&4)
  • Chutka, Madhya Pradesh (2 Units)
  • Mahi Banswara, Rajasthan (4 Units)

The above will be launched sequentially between 2020-2025. Construction period from FPC to COD will be 63 months with the second unit at each site to come with a gap of one year. Pre-project activities at the site and procurement of long manufacturing cycle equipment, human resource planning have been taken up. These projects are also being monitored regularly at multiple levels.

Standardisation of Design

The 700 MWe design is being standardised for the fleet mode with a focus on time and cost. Nuclear island is a standard block, qualification required for site specific seismic input. Turbine island is vendor specific and standardisation possible. Site specific engineering needs to be done.

Different sites – soil (GHAVP) and rock (Chutka, Kaiga, Mahi Banswara). One seismic spectrum for soil site (GHAVP 1-4). The reference design is based on soil site (GHAVP-1&2). The reference design needs to be qualified for the enveloping seismic spectrum of the rock sites.

Two-step regulatory review. Firstly, review of standard design for rock sites and then site specific review.

Expectations from Industry Partners

Settle all issues during pre-bid meeting to keep the contract award process fast, fair and transparent. No post tender deviations and minimizing extra – contractual measures. Maintain adequate cash-flow during the period of contract execution to ensure smooth progress. Maintain adequate skilled and trained workforce during the period of the contact. Have a robust internal quality control set-up and ensure timely deliveries of equipment and execution of works.

India Nuclear Business Platform 2019

INBP 2019 will take place 13-14 November in Mumbai. Now in its 2nd year, the conference and exhibition will bring together all the key Indian nuclear stakeholders to discuss issues across the Indian nuclear supply chain and identify areas of strategic business opportunities.

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INBP 2019 is organised by Industry Platform Pte Ltd, a firm based in Singapore with over a decade of experience in developing professional and quality nuclear meetings globally. Our firm also hosts the Asia Nuclear Business Platform and Africa Nuclear Business Platform.

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