Belene NPP Selection of Strategic Investor & Lifetime Extension of Kozloduy Unit 5 & 6

Bulgaria has a diversified electricity mix including nuclear and thermal power plants, as well as renewables. In recent years, the share of nuclear power range from 31 to 37.5%. Nuclear energy is a major factor in Bulgaria’s energy mix.

Effort have been invested toward extending the operational lifetime of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant unit 5 & 6. Also, nuclear new build opportunities are under consideration. 

Also, the project for the construction of a national disposal facility is underway. Mrs. Marina Kadreva a State Expert from the Ministry of Energy stated during the recent NBP Conversations: Bulgaria Nuclear Market Update webinar on 1st October that, “The development of nuclear energy will be supported not only as promising source of energy, but also due to the accumulated successful experience of Bulgarian professionals capability for operation of nuclear technologies”, hinting that the Bulgarian workforce and human resources are more than capable. 

She also added, “We will maintain and increase our nuclear share by the extention of operational lifetime of units 5 and 6 of Kozlduy nuclear power plant to the maximum possible extent of 30 years, as well as construction of new nuclear capacities” 

Bulgarian authorities took the decision to relaunch the Belene NPP project which comprise 2 reactors of a total installed capacity of 2,000 MW. As they consider the realization of this NPP as an option to increase the share of the clean energy to the country’s energy mix. 

New nuclear capacity updates in Bulgaria include: 

  • A decision to seek opportunities to implement the project jointly with a strategic investor, on market-based principle and without state guarantees, by transferring the project assets and liabilities into a new company.
  • According to Decision No 447 of 29 June 2018 of the Council of Ministers, the Minister of Energy must propose options for the structuring of the project and develop a procedure for the selection of a strategic investor by 31 October 2018.
  • Part of the equipment has already been purchased, including two reactor installations В466 with WWER-1000 reactors.

In march last year Bulgaria formerly launch a call to the selection of a strategic investor for construction of Belene NPP.

The insights were provided during NBP conversations: Bulgaria Nuclear Update on 1 October 2020. This virtual meeting was a fantastic opportunity to showcase Bulgaria’s latest nuclear energy updates. The webinar saw the participation of:

  • Marina Kadreva, State Expert, Ministry of Energy
  • Bogomil Manchev, Chairman, Bulgaria Atomic Forum (Bulatom)
  • Georgi Razlojki, Vice Director, State Enterprise Radioactive Waste
  • Lidia Kazarska, State Inspector, Nuclear Regulatory Agency
  • Valentin Iliev, Head of Project Maintenance and Resource Section, Kozloduy NPP

NBP Conversations is a series of online discussions which brings together a focus group of global nuclear stakeholders to discuss topics related to either nuclear energy adoption or expansion in the global markets. Thematic discussions could focus on either macro or micro issues.

To view the video highlights from the Bulgaria session, click here

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