LATAM NBP Lite 2022

LATAM NBP Lite 20222022-02-17T10:54:22+08:00

In order to support transition towards a low-carbon future, Latin American countries are planning to introduce and expand their consumption of nuclear energy. The expected significant increase in population coupled with increasing temperatures in parts of the region, has pushed the region to turn to nuclear energy as a source of clean, reliable and secure source of energy.

Currently, only three Latin American countries have nuclear power plants – Brazil, Argentina, Mexico. However, the share of nuclear in their national energy mixes is extremely low and makes 2% of the total electricity production in Mexico, about 3% in Brazil and around 4% in Argentina. With this in mind, these three countries plan to increase their nuclear energy capacity and plan to build more nuclear power plants.

Latin America NBP Lite 2022 will bring together all the key regional nuclear stakeholders to discuss nuclear energy developments at the national level and also cooperation on the international and regional level. Spread over two days, the themes and topics of this virtual meeting have been developed in close consultation with key stakeholders of the industry to ensure that what will be discussed and presented are of great relevance. International suppliers will find these sessions useful in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the Latin America nuclear market and also provide guidance on how best to access this emerging market.

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