Nuclear Energy in Nigeria: A Policy Book

Nuclear Energy in Nigeria: A Policy Book2022-01-31T15:27:22+08:00

Nigeria, for fifty years, has pursued the ambition to deploy nuclear energy to optimise its contribution to the national electricity mix. The key drivers to actualising this venture are robust policy, strategic plans and adequate implementation programmes, such that each must complement one another. Nigeria has shown strong outing with the first two elements, but the challenge has always been implementing. 

This book comprises seven distinct but related chapters, covering the major subject areas and pathways, particularly one on the Vision for the future of nuclear energy in Nigeria with an innovative advisory for the needed steps and actions. Depending on the interest of the reader, chapter headings address matters in concise depth from introductory notes; Overview of Nuclear Energy Strategies and Plans; Nuclear Energy Resources and Infrastructural Framework; Nuclear Energy Technology Assessment; Geopolitics of Nuclear Energy and International Cooperation; Insights and Challenges to Nuclear Energy Matters; to Vision for Nuclear Energy in Nigeria.

About the Author:

Dr Abubakar Malah Umar has a Ph.D in Nuclear and Radiation Physics; and many certified professional trainings from several reputable institutions such as the Schonland Centre for Nuclear Sciences, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) etc in energy policy & planning (modeling) studies, nuclear power planning and nuclear regulatory/ radiation protection covering licensing and authorisation of nuclear emergency, nuclear materials transport, medical diagnostics and therapeutic practices. His career spans thirty years and he has served in many adhoc, special, national and international assignment capacities as resource person including the establishment of Nigeria Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA); Committee on Generation of Electricity from Nuclear Sources in Nigeria; Technical Committee for Nuclear Power Programme for Nigeria.

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