Insights on Shanghai’s vibrant nuclear industry

Shanghai has traditionally been known as an international metropolis and a global financial hub in the Far East. However the city is also a major hub of China’s nuclear industryand possesses a rich history in the nuclear sector in China. In fact the first and by far largest nuclear power plant build in China, Qinshan, is located 100 km from Shanghai with companies in Shanghai participating in the project.

As a lead-up to the 5th edition of Asia Nuclear Business Platform 2017 next May in Shanghai, we spoke with Shanghai Municipal Nuclear Power Office (SMNPO) to learn more about the uniqueness of the nuclear industry in Shanghai. SMNPO is the Supporting Organisation of this industry gathering with Mr. Wei Ping, Director of SMNPO an Advisory Board member for ANBP 2017.

SMNPO functions as the city’s government for the local nuclear industry following the government’s nuclear development strategy and policy. it is in charge of the planning and formulation of Shanghai’s local nuclear industry

“The nuclear industry in Shanghai has been involved in every nuclear new build projects in China, and it is now developing towards the target of large-scale, complete-set, export-oriented, and suitable for multi-reactor type.”

Key topics discussed during the interview include:

  • Overview and history of the nuclear industry in Shanghai
  • Importance of the nuclear industry in Shanghai
  • Uniqueness of the nuclear industry in Shanghai as compared to the rest of China
  • Key nuclear companies in Shanghai
  • Current developments in the nuclear industry in Shanghai
  • Opportunities for international companies in the Shanghai nuclear industry

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As part of ANBP 2017, Shanghai Municipal Nuclear Power Office will be hosting an exclusive presentation to highlight the supply chain partnership opportunities between the Shanghai nuclear companies and international participants. A site visit to Shanghai Electric Manufacturing Base has also been planned.

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