Morocco Considers Nuclear Energy Project

Morocco is reportedly considering the construction of a nuclear reactor plant in line with the country’s strategy to transition to greener modes of energy and improve its energy sovereignty.
Earlier this week during a session in parliament, Dr. Leila Benali, Minister, Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development remarked that Morocco is considering the construction of nuclear reactors for energy generation as part of a strategy to increase reliance on renewable energy sources.

According to Dr. Benali, A nuclear power program requires a strong infrastructure and human resources which we got in Morocco able to directly support the program in the long term and for these reasons the National Center for Energy and Nuclear Science and Technology (CNESTEN) was established in 1986 which hosts a 2MW nuclear reactor for research and nuclear applications. This center received support and recognition from international agencies. This Ministry has created a Committee on Electronuclear Energy and Desalination of Seawater (CRED), to study and evaluate different scenarios of energy mix including nuclear power. Many evaluations have been taken and the latest was done in 2015 about the evaluation of 19 infrastructure milestones of the country according to the recommendations of the IAEA. Based on the Ministry request, an Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) mission took place and following are the INIR’s findings.

  • Morocco has a good basis of experience related to nuclear activities concerning the preparatory steps required to take an enlightened national decision concerning the choice of nuclear for generating electricity
  • To enable these recommendations and based on the action plan of the committee between 2016-2021, a comprehensive report has been prepared in 2022 regarding the necessary nuclear infrastructure fields, the regulations, human resources, electrical grid. Right now, the ministry is studying and looking into that report

On the other hand, we have been working on the nuclear legislations and regulations regarding nuclear safety and safeguards in the field of radiation. There is the law 142.12 and we have created the Moroccan Agency for Nuclear and Radiological Safety and Security (AMSSNuR) . Also, the ministry has starting studying the modification of the law 12.02 regarding liability.

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