Philippines Still Keen on Nuclear Energy

The Philippines is currently awaiting a Presidential decree on the National Position for nuclear energy. The government is open to exploring nuclear energy for the country’s electricity requirements. The Philippines is currently in Phase 1 of the IAEA’s Milestones Approach.

During the recent Arangkada Philippines Forum 2021, Patrick Aquino, director of the DoE-Energy Utilization Management Bureau highlighted that that the Department of Energy (DoE) have made “recommendations to the President (Rodrigo Duterte) with respect to the potential of nuclear energy. “It is high time that public debates be focused toward the possible shift to nuclear power,” he added.

During the 2020 NBP Conversations on the Philippines Nuclear Market, Philippines Secretary of Energy, Alfonso Cusi announced that the President has signed the Executive Order directing a study for the adoption of a national position on a nuclear energy program, constituting a nuclear energy program inter-agency committee and for other purposes. This nuclear power programm committee composed of 17 government agencies led by the Department of Energy and vice-chair by the Department of Science and Technology. Also included the Department of Finance, Department of Local Governments.

The committee was tasked with coming up with recommendations on how to proceed with nuclear power in the country and eventually come up with a National Policy document.

The current energy mix in the Philippines is currently dominated by coal (47%), natural gas (22%), renewable energy (24%), and oil-based (6.2%) with current energy capacity at 23GW. About 43 GW of additional capacity will be required by 2040.

Highlights from the 2020 NBP Conversations on the Philippines Nuclear Market

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