An Annual Platform for the Nuclear Industry to Gather in Asia

Asia Nuclear Business Platform is an event crafted by the industry for the industry.

With a main focus on new build in Asia, the conference is an extensive programme covering the breadth and depth of the nuclear value chain with all the key stakeholders across the nuclear supply chain present: emerging NPP stakeholders, government, regulators, NSSS vendors, construction companies, law firms and financial firms.
Concurrently there will be an exhibition featuring 18 companies showcasing the latest technology, next generation solutions and new to market products. Over 200 key nuclear stakeholders from the region and the international community will be in attendance.

A special highlight of the event is the visit to the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, the first and by far the largest commercial nuclear installation in China, for a limited number of conference participants. During the visit, participants will obtain a general overview of the nuclear power generation, the self-developing course of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, and the research and development of CGNPC’s ACPR1000 technology.

The second site visit is to the CLP Nuclear Resources Centre. It is the first knowledge centre in Hong Kong, where a full spectrum of information on nuclear energy is available to enhance public understanding on the topic and to present the challenges the city faces on making its energy choice.

This is a dynamic event which should not be missed if you want to be kept abreast with the latest on-goings in the region’s nuclear power industry

I look forward to welcoming you in Hong Kong!






Zaf Coelho
Project Director
Asia Nuclear Business Platform