Daya Bay & CLP Nuclear Resources Centre Site Visits

Image: DBMC

Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base
A special highlight of the event is the visit to the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base on 18 February 2013, the first and by far the largest commercial nuclear installation in China, for a limited number of conference participants. During the visit, participants will obtain a general overview of the nuclear power generation, the self-developing course of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, and the research and development of CGNPC’s ACPR1000 technology.

Daya Bay is located near to Dapeng in Guangdong Province. The site was chosen on the basis that it is technically suitable for a nuclear power station and is close enough to supply power to Hong Kong. The Daya Bay plant has two pressurised water reactor generating units with a total electrical capacity of 1,968MW. Daya Bay produces around 14 billion kWh of electricity per year, of which 70% is imported by CLP to its Hong Kong system.

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Image: HKNIC

CLP Nuclear Resources Centre
Nuclear Resources Centre is the first knowledge centre in Hong Kong, where a full spectrum of information on nuclear energy is available to enhance public understanding on the topic and to present the challenges the city faces on making its energy choice. Nuclear Resources Centre has seven thematic zones: Roadmap towards a Low-carbon Living, Nuclear Basics, Nuclear Safety, Fuel Cycle Management, Radiation and Daily Life, Nuclear Energy in the World, Nuclear Energy – A Future Outlook. Through vivid and interesting animations as well as interactive games and exhibits, the Centre turns complicated scientific topics into an enjoyable experience for visitors.