Simulation Workshop

Simulation Workshop: Role of Simulators for New Build

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In order for utilities to secure their operating license, their operators must be trained in operating the plant. There is no better way of achieving this than with the plant-specific, high-fidelity operator training simulator. When the simulator is planned for and used to support the plant engineering, thousands of issues with plant process and I&C design can be discovered and subsequently corrected by the plant designers. This results in reduced commissioning times and greater New Build schedule control.

L-3 MAPPS will be conducting a workshop on the role of simulators for new build. Through this workshop, participants will get a good overview and understand of simulators available today and how best to select the right simulation technology to meet their training needs and requirements.

Following the workshop, participants will have the chance to visit the simulation room of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant which was equipped by L-3

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