Sri Lanka Nuclear Report

Sri Lanka Nuclear Report2021-09-17T17:01:04+08:00

Sri Lanka is not what comes to mind when thinking about nuclear power. While the country may be in the nascent stage of establishing a nuclear power program, tremendous work and effort has already gone into the planning for it. However, not enough attention or spotlight is put on this budding nuclear nation.

With this report, it is aimed that Sri Lanka’s nuclear scene is brought to the attention of international nuclear stakeholder for potential collaboration. Additionally, the report discusses, in detail:

  • Sri Lanka’s current energy mix
  • Progress made in the nuclear direction in terms of the IAEA’s milestones approach
  • Challenges it’s currently facing in developing a nuclear power program

The head of the project management unit to study the Nuclear Power option in Sri Lanka, Ministry of Power was also interviewed for the purpose of the report. He provided unique and previously unshared information about Sri Lanka’s nuclear scene that are included in the report.

Do have a read if you want to learn more about this up-and-coming nuclear country.

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