Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NDK) established NUTED Nuclear Technical Support Joint Stock Company (NUTED A.Ş.) to provide services such as all kinds of technical support, analysis, consultancy, inspection, training and certification, which it will need while performing its duties given to it with the Decree Law No. 702 on “The Organization and Duties of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority and Amending Some Laws” . After the registration of NUTED Nuclear Technical Support Inc. in the Trade Registry Gazette on 23.05.2019, the first General Assembly was held on 17.03.2020. With the Nuclear Regulation Law dated 08.03.2022 and numbered 7381, the job description was renewed. In the following period, technical support contracts were signed in many areas for the needs of NDK and it still provides service to NDK.

Services provided by NUTED include:

  • Radiation safety surveillance services
  • Manufacturing surveillance services of nuclear facilities
  • Field, construction and assembly surveillance services of nuclear facilities
  • Manufacturer approval services
  • Trainings
  • Pre-construction and construction phases of nuclear facilities
  • Personnel Certification
  • Analysis and engineering calculation
  • Waste facility license application evaluation