Current Situation of the Nuclear Industry in China

//Current Situation of the Nuclear Industry in China

Wang Jihong, senior partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm, Vice Chiar of China Chamber of International Commerce Environment and Energy Committee, expert in legislation of nuclear energy and nuclear infrastructure, will give the keynote speech at the 5th Asia Nuclear Business Platform. Before the conference taking place, we have prepared few questions to Wang Jihong.

  • Can you give an introduction first about your experience in the nuclear industry?

In the past ten years, I have worked on tens of domestic and international energy and infrastructure projects which were valued more than 800 billion, including the fourth nuclear power plant in Argentina and the Angra Nuclear Power Plant in Brazil.

During the project in Argentina, as the leader of the team, I participated from the pre-project analysis, contract composing, to the final negotiation with the Argentine government, and ensured the project was implemented eventually. Besides, me and my team also provide the legal services for China National Nuclear Corporation.

Additionally, I was invited to join the legislation of China’s Atomic Energy as the only lawyer of the group. In 2016, I was also invited to draft the Nuclear Safety and Security Regulations.

  • What is the current situation of the nuclear industry in China? Can you tell from the law firm’s view?

Before, the big nuclear companies in China always relied on their own legal department, rarely cooperated with the law firms. As the nuclear industry in China is growing and become more marketized, especially when “going-out” is highlighted for China’s nuclear industry, the cooperation between nuclear companies and law firms increased a lot. However, it also puts forward a stricter requirement to the lawyer who wants to working in this field.

  • Can you share a bit of your work in the legislation of the atomic energy law and Nuclear Safety and Security Regulations? What is the challenge for you?

I participated in the legislation of China’s atomic energy law, and I was the only lawyer in the legislation group. The legislation of the nuclear industry in China is a big topic, I will share more during my Keynote speech.

  • What do you expect in the future of working for the nuclear industry?

As my personal point of view, China today is being very aggressive in the international nuclear market, which is called the “ Going Out” strategy. As a lawyer serving the nuclear industry, I am also looking forward to “Going out”. When the Chinese company builds nuclear power plants overseas, the legal issue of the project is getting much more serious. Besides, as China’s nuclear industry “Going out”,  the chance of a Chinese law firm cooperating with the international law firms is also increasing. I would like to share with some of Zhong Lun’s points with the international lawyers at the conference.

The 5th edition of Asia Nuclear Business Platform will take place on 16-18 May 2017 at Novotel Shanghai, China. For more information, contact: [email protected].

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