About Nuclear Business Platform

Since its inception in 2012, the Nuclear Business Platform (NBP) has served as an avenue for public and private organisations across the globe to learn about the potential of adopting and/or expanding their nuclear power programmes as part of their energy demand and diversification strategy. NBP focuses on assisting
primary nuclear stakeholders in gaining access to relevant services/solutions to aid in their nuclear power programmes development.

With strong networks in the energy and utility sectors, we connect our clients with local nuclear stakeholders to explore potential business opportunities. We have worked with over 350 nuclear companies and government agencies across the nuclear supply chain and provide a tailored approach towards our clients’ specific
business goals in each region.

At the heart of what we do, we firmly believe that nuclear energy is pivotal in the fight against climate change and countries must include nuclear energy in discussions to achieve decarbonisation and net zero.

NBP is a business unit of Industry Platform, a growth consulting firm headquartered in Singapore and with regional presence in Türkiye, Morocco and India. Our consulting framework advocates pursuing an integrated approach in assisting our clients in their growth and development initiatives. This includes market research, and access through business development strategy formulation and execution.

Our Global Coverage

Why Attend NBP Industry Meetings?

Nuclear Business Platform (NBP) conferences and exhibitions provide a world-class platform to access and gain first-hand insights on the global and especially local nuclear market. Since 2012, NBP conferences and exhibitions provide the latest updates and addresses hot-button issues while the diversity and seniority of participants facilitates unparalleled networking opportunities.

NBP provides access to key stakeholders from the local nuclear market. We work closely with local stakeholders within each country and are able to provide a tailored approach towards each client’s specific business goals within each market that they choose to compete in.

NBP conferences and exhibitions has become “must-go” meetings for every nuclear industry professional world-wide because:

  • We are the only one providing a truly international platform which brings together all the key nuclear players under one roof. We privilege quality over quantity with over 50% of attendees are C-Level, Senior Directors and VP-level executives who are deeply engaged in the commercial activities of their respective organisations. The meeting is exclusive and not open to the general public.
  • We are industry experts. Our team has over a decade of experience working in the nuclear industry. We are constantly on-top of industry developments and spend time engaging with executives from the nuclear industry through-out the year.
  • We work with key stakeholders from across the nuclear value chain. This ensures that the themes, content and discussions during the meeting are of the highest quality and relevance to the industry.
  • Personalization. Cultivating a long lasting relationship with our clients is important to us. We actively engage with them prior to the event to outline and understand their objectives of participation. We believe that the personalized touch and commitment to our clients is of paramount importance. This is a key reason why many of our clients do not leave us.


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