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Africa Update: Nuclear Research Reactors & Applications

Of the world’s 243 operational research reactors, ten are in Africa. For countries considering introducing nuclear power, a research reactor generally serves as a platform to facilitate the development of necessary infrastructure. 

Africa’s research reactors are a vital component of the societal role played by nuclear science and technology: they provide neutrons to probe materials for structural integrity, to manufacture semiconductors through transmutation doping, to create radioisotopes for medical and industrial diagnostics as well as life-saving cancer treatments, to address pollution issues, and to assist farmers in crop selection and land use.

Higher standards of living are directly correlated with increasing energy demand, meaning that Africa’s research reactors are well-positioned to support socio-economic development.

Currently 8 African countries operate 11 research reactors on the continent while a few others are looking to establish and build their own research reactors.

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Dr. Francis Ofosu


National Nuclear Research Institute


Cheikh Niane

National Coordinator, Technical Committee for the Implementation of a Research Reactor

Ministry of Petroleum and Energy


Prof. Georges Alain Monnehan

Director, Radioprotection

Radiation, Safety and Nuclear Security Authority (ARSN)

Ivory Coast

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Melissa Denecke

Director, Physics and Chemistry, Nuclear Sciences and Applications

International Atomic Energy Agency


Ishagh Mohamed Moussa


National Authority for Radiation Protection, Safety and Nuclear Security (ARSN)



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