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To meet the needs of a growing population in a manner that is socially equitable, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable, Africa’s energy sector will require a major transformation which will include the introduction of nuclear in their energy mix.

During the last edition of Africa NBP Lite in 2021, Rafael Grossi, Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) remarked in his keynote address that of the nearly 30 so-called newcomer countries that are embarking [on] or considering nuclear power, almost one-third are in Africa. Why are countries in Africa looking at nuclear? Very simple. The reasons vary, but they all come back to one word: reliability. Nuclear power is a present solution. It is also a future energy alternative. It may not be for everyone. But for many countries in Africa, it is an option worth looking.

Africa NBP Lite 2022 will bring together all the key regional nuclear stakeholders to discuss nuclear energy developments at the national level and also cooperation on the international and regional level. Spread over four days, the themes and topics of this virtual meeting have been developed in close consultation with key stakeholders of the industry to ensure that what will be discussed and presented are of great relevance. International suppliers will find these sessions useful in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the African nuclear market, the hot button issues and also provide guidance on how best to access this
emerging market.

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