YOUNG Report

YOUNG Report2021-09-09T16:13:06+08:00

Despite Singapore’s openness to innovation and rapid advancements in new technology, we have not ventured into the exploration of nuclear power and technologies. Given that Singapore imports more than 95% of its total energy use, we should be constantly on the lookout for cutting-edge technology to reduce our dependence.

Back in 2010, a pre-feasibility survey on nuclear energy in Singapore was conducted. The conclusion drawn was that Singapore was not ready for nuclear deployment then, as the risks outweighed the benefits. However, it was acknowledged that “the latest designs of nuclear power plants are much safer than older designs”. A decade has since passed, during which many unprecedented new technological advancements have been made. We strongly feel that the new and improved technologies deserve to be reevaluated, at the very least. As public support is essential to the development of nuclear energy, the YOUNGS survey is conducted to gain a clearer understanding of the perception of youth on firstly, nuclear energy and its feasibility in Singapore, and secondly, the adequacy of exposure to knowledge on nuclear energy in the context of Singapore.