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Nuclear Market

In order to support transition towards a low-carbon future, Latin American countries are planning to introduce and expand their consumption of nuclear energy. The expected significant increase in population coupled with increasing temperatures in parts of the region, has pushed the region to turn to nuclear energy as a source of clean, reliable and secure source of energy.Currently, only three Latin American countries have nuclear power plants – Brazil, Argentina, Mexico.

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Nuclear Market

To meet the needs of a growing population in a manner that is socially equitable, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable, Africa’s energy sector will require a major transformation which will include the introduction of nuclear in their energy mix. One-third of newcomer countries embarking on nuclear power are in Africa. While South Africa remains the only country in the region to have nuclear power, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya are poised to join this exclusive club.

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Nuclear Market

China’s planning to build at least 150 new reactors in the next 15 years. In Southeast Asia, nuclear energy is gaining traction in the Philippines and Indonesia with both countries looking to minimise their dependence on coal and also see nuclear energy as a potent tool to combat climate change.

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Nuclear Market

India presently has 22 reactors (7380 MW) in operation. 20 reactors with cumulative capacity of 15000 MW are at various stages of construction. These projects under construction are to be completed progressively by 2031. Government has accorded in-principle approval for 21 more reactors with a total capacity of 24000 MW. More nuclear power projects are also expected, considering the country’s requirements to build a clean and reliable base load capacity for its energy transition.

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Since 2013, Nuclear Business Platform provides world-class platforms to access and gain first-hand insights on the growing nuclear markets in Asia and Africa. The conferences provides latest updates and addresses hot-button issues while the diversity and seniority of participants facilitates unparalleled networking opportunities. In 2019, Nuclear Business Platform will be hosted in China, India and Africa.

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